Do Pennsylvania's leading business groups know something the rest of us don't?
Gov. Corbett had barely wrapped up his speech to the 500 or so "titans of industry" assembled at the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association gathering during the annual Pennsylvania Society event in New York, when the press releases started hitting our email box.
In short order we heard similarly-worded statements from the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce, praising the governor for his "commitment to comprehensive transportation and transit funding.
A day later the Greater Philadelphia Chamber weighed in, commending Corbett for his "proposal to increase transportation infrastructure funding."
Clearly the business community had been primed ahead of time that Corbett would take a stand for transportation infrastructure improvement. So had the press corps. We'd been promised Corbett would make news.
He did indeed use words lawmakers from both parties have been waiting to hear: "I will announce a plan." He mentioned "paving our way to prosperity," but Corbett did not exactly deliver new news.
When pressed for details he mentioned public-private partnerships, which he has cited before, but otherwise said only "I don't want to scoop myself."
Presumably, this means not letting on his plan ahead of his scheduled announcement which he suggested would be tied to his February budget address.
That means another two months of waiting.

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