"Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps," the sequel to the 1987 tale of greed featuring evil aribtrageur Gordon Gekko, opened this past weekend, grossing $19 million to become the box-office leader for the period.

The timing was great for volunteers of PA Vote 2010, who gathered at watch parties throughout the state to view the original movie, "Wall Street," Thursday night after a conference-call pep talk from Rep. Joe Sestak, the Democrats' nominee for U.S. Senate.

Sestak, of course, is running against Republican Pat Toomey, a former congressman and Wall Street trader who has favored light regulation of the financial markets. Sestak told conferees that he considered his congressional service analagous to his first Navy job - as damage-control officer on a warship - in that he has to mop up damage caused by the GOP.

"I held Wall Street accountable by voting for Wall Street reform that will provide oversight for the out of control derivatives market, protect small businesses and consumers and help ensure that reckless Wall Street bankers can't bring our financial system to the brink of collapse," Sestak said. His oponent, "has spent his entire career fighting for Wall Street."

PA Vote 2010 is a joint project of the state Democratic Party and the state chapter of Organizing for America, a White House-affiliated grassroots group.

Sestak's campaign has even produced a web video drawing the Toomey-Gekko comparison: