A former GOP lawmaker had some harsh words for Gov. Corbett and his tuition voucher plan.
“It's very simple. The governor wants to privatize public education. He wants to break the back of the unions,” Beyer told a minority forum on education in Easton on Saturday. “And he wants to make a profit on it.”
Beyer has no love loss for her old party.

She was the target of Republican Party over her support of the Rendell budget last year. The party campaign led to an upset by 23-year-old Justin Simmons in the Republican primary last year.

With Corbett championing the idea that children should have the right to opt out of their local school district, Pennsylvania is viewed as the "promised land" for the national voucher movement.
But the voucher issue is at a stalemate in Harrisburg. A voucher bill n the Senate ahs stalled and the House appears to have no interest in moving a voucher bill.
Vouchers would shift public money to the tune of up to about $9,000 to individual students in so-called "failing" school districts, so they could attend the school of their choice. Opponents, like Beyer, say the move would actually cost more.
Meyer - as reported in Patch.com - said that local school districts would suffer under the proposal because - among other things - the local school districts would still be responsible for the costs of transporting students to and from school.

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