UPDATE - Commonwealth Confidential has learned that Rep. William Adolph (R., Delaware), the ranking Republican on the House Appropriations Committee, was not in attendance at the golf outing but was rather working in his district office that day. We apologize for the error.

With the budget deadline right around the corner, the Capitol should be alive with activity.


So, Commonwealth Confidential jokingly inquired if the House Republican leaders were at a golf outing.

Turns out they were.

As reported on Capitol Ideas, the House Republican Campaign Committee was holding its annual Southwestern Golf Outing at the Pittsburgh Field Club. Donors have a range of options when it comes to being parted from their money. As little as $750 gets you cocktails and dinner, while $7,500 gets you a foursome and a sponsorship.

Among those in attendance was House Minority leader Sam Smith of Jefferson County.

And what were the House Democratic leaders doing? Working, apparently.

Johnna Pro, spokeswoman for House Appropriations Chairman Dwight Evans, said Evans "had meetings in Philadelphia, including a delegation meeting with the members of the Philadelphia delegation."

House Speaker Keith McCall (D., Carbon) has his nose to the budget grindstone, says his spokesman.

"His day was full of budget meetings and conference calls with members, and speaking with advocacy groups that wanted to share their concerns about additional budget cuts this year," writes spokesman Bob Caton.

We did not hear back from House Majority leader Todd Eachus's spokesman.

Leaders are expected at the Governor's mansion sometime Thursday for the first, yes first, meeting with the governor on the 2010-2011budget.

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