It's easy if you try…

As part of a nationwide effort, a group of atheists have erected a billboard several blocks from the Pennsylvania Capitol positing a John Lennonesque thought - "Imagine No Religion."

Made to look like stained glass, the billboard was paid for by the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation, which bills itself as "the nation's largest membership association for freethinkers." (Freethinkers, in the group's view, are atheists and agnostics.)  They event sent along a photo, to the left.

"In September especially, many of us wistfully imagine what the world would look like without religion," said Annie Laurie Gaylor, the group's co-president. "The Twin Towers would still be standing, for example. If people couldn't pretend 'God told me to do this' or insist 'God is on my side,' most wars could have been avoided.

"Humanity," she continued, "should stop wasting its time, money and efforts on the next world - a supernatural, unprovable world. We should concentrate on leaving this world a better place for future generations."

The Foundation said it is taking its message to what it calls the "unmassed masses" and plans to eventually place billboards in every state capital. Harrisburg is its sixth.

The billboard is expected to stay up for a month. At that time, the group should have its new sign "Keep Religion Out of Politics" up in Des Moines.

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