In case there was any doubt whether abortion will play a key role in the battle for Pennsylvania voters, President Obama made it clear over the weekend that it will.
Speaking at a fundraiser in Washington on Friday, Obama used Gov. Corbett and his positiono on a controversial abortion bill as an example of how normally anti-regulation Republicans want to meddle with women's health.
He charged that GOP governors, like Corbett, who support mandatory ultrasounds for those seeking an abortion, is evidence they believe "women can't be trusted to make their own decisions."
“It’s appalling,” said Obama at the Women's Leadership Forum, referring to Corbett's suggestion that patients "just close your eyes” if you don't want to look at the ultrasound image. “It’s offensive and it’s out of touch."
The Obama campaign and its allies are working hard to connect Corbett and his perceived "anti-woman" stance with the presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney.
Minutes after Corbett endorsed Romney last week the Democratic National Committee was on the air in Pennsylvania with ads showing an excerpt from the the press conference where Corbett made the "close your eyes" remark.
When asked if Corbett might hurt Romney with women voters in Pennsylvania, GOP party chairman Rob Gleason said, "No, absolutely not. I think the governor will be very helpful to Romney because of his record of accomplishment."
Gleason went on to call Obama's seizing on a single comment by Corbett as a sign the Democrats are "desperate."
No one doubts how important Pennsylvania is in the general election. Gleason said no Democrat since 1948 has won the presidency since without winning Pennsylvania. 


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