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PA GOP chair says voter ID helped cut Obama margin

Supporters of Pennsylvania's controversial new voter ID law - which is at this minute the subject of a court battle - say it's about curbing in-person voter fraud. So why is it that GOP leaders keep suggesting there's a political motive behind it?

He replied."Yeah, I think a little bit. We probably had a better election. Think about this, we cut Obama by 5%, which was big. A lot of people lost sight of that. He won, he beat McCain by 10%, he only beat Romney by 5%. I think that probably Voter ID had helped a bit in that."

That didn't escape the notice of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow who took Gleason and fellow Republicans to task on her show earlier this week.

GOP party spokeswoman Valerie Caras in an email today said there remains a legitimate concern about voter fraud and blamed the Democrats for creating "hysteria" that may have kept their voters at home.

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