The promo for the A&E reality show "Parking Wars" promises episodes "more riotous than ever" as it returns for its second season.

The show, which tracks the meter enforcement squad of the Philadelphia Parking Authority as they make their daily rounds, banks on the outrageous reactions from people as they get ticketed, booted and towed. Apparently it doesn't paint the city in the brightest light.

The New York Times today looks at local reaction (not good) from this newspaper, Mayor Nutter and Gov. Rendell.

Rendell's spokesman, Chuck Ardo, told the Times the governor encouraged anyone who was offended by the program to turn off the telly.

"The governor has taken a concrete step towards removing this blight from TV by not tuning in himself," Ardo said. "He would suggest that if others are concerned at the black eye that the program might give Philadelphia, they tune out as well."

Philly TV viewers and city officials looking for a feel-good boost from a reality show should tune in to "Animal Cops: Philadelphia" over on the Discovery Channel. The show chronicles the often heroic work of the Pennsylvania SPCA's humane officers, who risk their lives to save animals in distress.

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