Politico.com is making a list - checking it twice - and Gov. Rendell is on it.

That list would be of the political personalities that are going to be sorely missed in 2009.

The governor made the list because, as the story points out, he was all over the airwaves and newspapers this past election season, showing off his trademark trait of speaking his mind (sometimes, putting his foot in his mouth) and getting into trouble.

Anyone remember the controversy he stirred during the presidential campaign when he said that there were some Pennsylvanians who would be loathe to vote for a black man for president?

Anyway, Politico.com apparently can't wait until Rendell finishes up his gubernatorial term here in Pennsylvania so he can get appointed to a cabinet position in the Obama administration and start stirring up all sorts of new controversies in D.C.

Check out Politico's complete list here.

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