Gov. Corbett took a lot of flack over the weekend over his commencement appearance at Millersville University where he was the invited speaker.
Many students and some faculty protested the invite months ago because of his efforts to cut college funding. Corbett received a cool reception and some in the audience turned their chairs away as he urged students to pursue their dreams.
On Sunday, about 85 miles south of Lancaster, his predecessor, Ed Rendell, addressed the graduates of Washington College in Chestertown, MD.
The speech popped up on a "Google alert" so I clicked on it to see what words of wisdom Rendell would impart to the grads.
He was in the middle of a riff about yes, pursuing ones dreams, even when others throw roadblocks in your path when he blurted out: "They told me no Philadelphian could be elected mayor of Pennsylvania."
Mayor of Pennsylvania? Governor of Philadelpia? Isn't that what his critics west of the Chester County line called him for eight years?
And now we know the truth, from the horse's mouth.

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