Gov. Rendell is calling for an emergency cabinet meeting for this Wednesday - and the single agenda item, no surprise, will be the budget (or should we say, the lack thereof?).

The administration is not giving too much detail about the meeting, saying only that it's mandatory and that it's restricted to cabinet members. But it takes little guesswork to figure out what some items could be on the agenda, like the millions in dollars in cuts Rendell must make to his proposed 2009-2010 budget to bring it in line with ever-declining revenue numbers and an ever-burgeoning projected budget deficit.

The administration has yet to give any insight on what those cuts may be, prompting much public howling from Republicans in the legislature - and even some private griping among Democrats.

The deadline to enact a budget? July 1.

Our question? You're just now realizing we're dealing with an emergency situation? The state's revenue numbers have been bad for a long while now. And Republicans who control the state Senate have (also for a long while now) made no bones about the fact that they think the governor's proposed budget is bad, bad, bad - and that Rendell needs to provide them with details about what he's going to do about it.

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