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WH 'Trust Us' Line on Sestak bribe depressing

The claim that White House officials offered Rep. Joe Sestak a federal job to bail on his Democratic primary challenge to Sen. Arlen Specter strikes at the heart of the transparency and accountability rhetoric of both President Obama and Sestak.

The stench is rising in the mini-scandal over Rep. Joe Sestak's alleged job offer/bribe from the White House. And it's politically dangerous, because the stonewalling undercuts the transparency-and-accountability rhetoric from President Obama and Sestak. Read the Washington Examiner's Julie Mason here, and the New York Times' Peter Baker here.

That doesn't count the pounding that Sestak and WH officials took on the Sunday talk shows and during a Monday interview with CNN's John King. The Pennsylvania media jabbing over the past three months has had no effect, but now that this mini scandal has grown viral, how long can the silence last? And why is every successive generation in Washington forced to learn anew that the cover up is worse than the crime (if indeed a crime was committed, and we don't know that)?

Republican Senate candidate Pat Toomey said in a Monday statement that the job offer thing was not a focus of his campaign against Sestak, but advised his opponent to just answer the questions to remove a huge distraction.