You know, frosted and decked-out for the holidays, we don't look half bad. But as cinematographer Cory Popp notes, "it goes by too fast." Luckily, his new "A Very Philly Christmas" video immortalizes the holidays for us to cherish all year round.

Filmed largely in Ritenhouse Square, East Passyunk, and parts of Center City, Popp's video features shots of all things Philly Christmas, from trees out on Passyunk to the lavish Macy's Christmas displays. It is essentially a must-see list of Philly's most Christmas-y activities rolled up into a sub-two-minute video set to beautifully haunting music.

Says Popp of his video:

"I wanted to make a holiday video to capture the spirit of the city at this time of year because it's always so beautiful, and it goes by too fast. While I was filming in Rittenhouse, I looked around and saw other people photographing a lot of the same things with their smart phones. I decided to ditch my plan, and just capture the things people around me were photographing because those are the things most dear and important to them."

With that, Popp has created a city-wide holiday scrapbook that reminds us why we love Philadelphia, even with a layer of snow on top.

Can't see the video? Click here.