Andy Reid fired Juan Castillo on Tuesday morning and re-assigned defensive backs coach Todd Bowles to defensive coordinator. Jeff McLane has the full story here.

Reid will speak at noon; we'll have all of your coverage on Birds' Eye View. A few quick points...

- This move could be viewed two ways: Reid admitting he made a mistake hiring Castillo, his long-time offensive line coach, as defensive line coach in 2011. Reid stuck with Castillo this season. It could also be viewed Reid as scapegoating Castillo for problems that are bigger -- such as an offense that struggles to score and turns the ball over, and a defensive lune that struggles to pressure the quarterback.

- It's fair to say Castillo needed to improve with in-game adjustments. That's what hurt the Eagles on Sunday against the Lions, when bad decisions in the fourth quarter seemed to plague the Eagles.

- Bowles has no experience as an NFL defensive coordinator, but he has significant experience as a defensive coach. Bowles has coached in the NFL since 2000 and served as the Miami Dolphins' interim coach last season. Bowles went 2-1. He's a former NFL player who has earned the respect of the locker room, particularly the defensive backs.