Jason Kelce, who was with Riley Cooper when he said a racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert last month, did not defend his teammate and friend. The Eagles center said that he was "embarrassed" to be associated with the incident. But Kelce said that he didn't think Cooper was a racist.

"Riley was my friend before the fact and he's still my friend and teammate going forward," Kelce said Thursday. "Anybody that really knows him knows he's not a racist … but sometimes he can get a little bit out of control. We were both pretty intoxicated on the day."

Cooper, Kelce and several other Eagles players, including coach Chip Kelly, were at the concert. Chesney, during one song, brought the Eagles up on stage. Photos of the moment were posted on the team's Web site.

Later on, apparently, Cooper had an altercation, he said, with an African American security guard. In the video, first posted on CrossingBroad.com, Kelce is briefly shown placing his hand on an obviously agitated Cooper. The receiver then said, "I will jump that fence and fight every n- here."

Kelce said that he did not recall hearing what Cooper had said.

"To be honest, I don't really recall the whole incident and what was said," Kelce said. "Really, all I recall was a huge altercation between him and a few security guards. I was trying to calm him down at the time and trying to separate all of them.

"I honestly don't recall those words being spoken at the time. Obviously, it's not excuse, regardless of what was said, to say that."