Guess Pennsylvania lawmakers didn't read their Inquirer the other day, when the Editorial Board spoke up against delaying the development of "state end-of-course exams that would raise the bar on student achievement." Because KYW radio is reporting the following:

"Under pressure from lawmakers, the Rendell administration has backed off -- for now --on its position to proceed with development of graduation exams for Pennsylvania high school students.

Chuck Ardo is a spokesman for Governor Rendell:

"The secretary of education has written a letter notifying the education committees that the administration had decided to slow down its push for graduation exams as it works towards a compromise with the legislators."

In the letter, the education secretary says the state will not spend funds to develop graduation exams while working to build a consensus.

The administration infuriated lawmakers last month when it signed a contract with a Minnesota-based company to develop the tests. Those lawmakers said they felt betrayed by the action which came at the same time they thought they were nearing a compromise with the administration.

Compromise is great, and necessary. But the delay means students the slow lane will have to wait a little longer to get a nudge toward higher achievement from their state education officials.