Here is a smart e-mail from a reader about "right sizing".......

Just one more thing to think about when it comes to "right sizing"  How many gas lights does the city of Philadelphia need, now that the population has shrunk?
How many phone booths?
And now that public transit rider-ship is higher, how many new horses and horse barns will SEPTA need?
The question to right sizing is the need, not the population.  Back in the bad old days,  schools had libraries and librarians, many blocks had stay at home parents and there was an relatively easy ladder to a comfortable middle class life via factories.
Now that most school libraries have closed,  there are very few stay at home parents on the block and the climb to middle class requires much more education, perhaps we need more libraries, not less?
Same arguments for pools, less family vacations, less camp William Penn, perhaps we need more pools?
The size of the population is not what should determined services, it is the need for services, and the City leaders know this, otherwise they would be discussing how lamp lighters the city  can lay off  now that the population has shrunk.