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Morning Money: Threats and bickering

Gov. Rendell threatens to close the Pennsylvania Museum and state parks if the General Assembly doesn't get him a table games bill soon.

Speaking of gaming revenues, Mayor Nutter and state lawmakers are fighting over how the portion of state casino dedicated to local causes is supposed to be spent. Pennsylvania ranks at the top of spending on judicial races.

Meanwhile, over in Jersey, Gov. Corzine is announcing spending cuts to this year's budget, and Gov.-elect Chris Christie is talking about cutting the state's budget by up to 25 percent in the face of an expected $8 billion deficit. Ugly.

Bethlehem doesn't seem to have those problems — it passed a budget with no tax hikes yesterday.

It looks like top AIG executives won't fulfill their promise to return $45 million in bonuses by the end of the year — so far, according to The Washington Post, employees have only given back $19 million.

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