As we have mentioned in the past, the state's campaign of terror against tax delinquents initially seemed a bit heavy-handed (catchphrase: "Find us before we find you"). The Revenue Department launched a new ad last week, and it's no different. It features the State repeatedly calling a man's cell phone while he watches the original ad (which you can watch below).

Secretary of Revenue C. Daniel Hassell took a softer tone in the Inquirer:

Tax delinquents should act quickly to take advantage of this generous, yet limited, opportunity. The deadline is set by law, and will not be extended. At midnight on June 18, an additional 5 percent penalty will be tacked on to all outstanding tax debts.


Those who duck their tax obligations are breaking the law, and they increase the tax burden for the 97 percent of Pennsylvanians who do the right thing by paying state taxes on time and in full.

Hassell is helpful - and non-threatening - while explaining the amnesty and why citizens should to take part. It works! Probably better than the Big Brother stuff, don't you think?