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Tax hike still up in the air

A couple weeks back when the school district first appeared before City Council to outline its budget problems and ask for more money, it certainly seemed likely that some form of tax hike would be involved. And, of course, a number of tax hikes have been proposed, including a new soda tax proposed by the mayor, a couple of versions of a property tax hike and an increased parking meter fee. But Newsworks' Tom MacDonald reports today that a tax hike is not a foregone conclusion:

Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell said she doesn't want to raise taxes in this difficult economy even if it is for public education.

"I do not believe there are votes there for a tax increase I think we have to talk about how dollars are spent now, given the fact we are using title one money for kindergarten and that SEPTA will wait for Transpass money, so I don't understand where the new tax increase need is and why we can't work that out," said Blackwell.

Want to see all the taxes Philadelphians pay, and which ones the city has the legal ability to raise? Check out our handy tax guide.

If taxes don't go up, the city's options are to a) cut elsewhere in its budget to come up with money for the schools, or b) stiff the schools. Hearings on the revenue measures are scheduled for tomorrow.

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