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The $1/yr lease for Dilworth Plaza

It's not every day that City Hall's "front yard" gets rented out, so It's Our Money was curious about the lease for the Dilworth Plaza project.

The Center City District is renting Dilworth Plaza from the city for the next 30 years in order to oversee the $50-million, taxpayer-funded renovation of the area. (Note: These public dollars come from a mix of local, state and federal sources.)

The cost for the space: $1 per year.

We requested a copy of the lease between the city and Center City District. Check it out yourself below.

After skimming it, we've found a few interesting tidbits, like the long list of city-like services the Center City District will provide at Dilworth Plaza, including repairing sidewalks and mowing the lawn (page 39); as well as its minority participation goals (pages 32, 40-43). But, overall, it looks fairly standard.

We'll keep examining it. If you find anything you'd like to share (we're looking @OccupyPhilly), feel free to email us at hm.otterbein (at)

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