Over at Metropolis, Tom Ferrick Jr. writes about the operatic quality of the city budget debate:

When Council shot down the sugary-drink tax, the mayor retaliated by outlining a series of cuts.

He could have told Council: "If you don't give me more I am going to leave unfilled numerous positions in the Records, Public Property and Finance Department to make up the difference!"

Nobody would have cared.

Instead, he announced cuts in police and fire services and public libraries.

This isn't the first time we've heard the mayor talking about these very painful, very public, cuts. Now, will Nutter actually make them? Ferrick doesn't think so:

The problem with these gambits is that they are...gambits. No one tends to take them seriously. People figure the mayor will muddle through with what he has.

Maybe. As we wrote a couple weeks ago, this is different from the "Plan C" fiasco of last summer. This time, we're not sure if there's a way to avoid the cuts and "muddle through."

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