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You Close the Deficit: Shelly Yanoff

It's Our Money is asking various experts and advocates to share some suggestions for how the city should deal with the $31 million deficit it has projected for this fiscal year (and remember, because it's the middle of a fiscal year, the city can't raise taxes). This recommendation comes from Shelly Yanoff, Executive Director of Public Citizens for Children and Youth.

We did support increases in taxes for a limited period last year, to prevent a loss in important services We still believe that is and would have been the right way to go!

To deal with this year's remaining deficit, we recommend transferring the funds from residential parking permits from the Parking Authority to the City -- there's no good reason the City doesn't get them in the first place.

We also recommend increasing or initiating fees for water use by small construction sites, as well as the amusement fee for movies and stadium games. Finally, we recommend re-instituting P.I.L.O.T.S. -- payments in lieu of taxes -- for universities, hospitals, and large non-profits.

Previous deficit closers: Adam Lang; Ken Weinstein.