In one Brooklyn neighborhood this holiday season there is room at the inn - well, rather the manger - for homeless cats.
Leave it to the creative inhabitants of the artsy, post-industrial neighborhood of Red Hook to welcome feral cats into their nativity scene.
The local news website DNAInfo reports that for more than a decade, sisters Annette and Sue Amendola have set up a Christmas nativity scene in a lot by their home.
But wait, not all those statues are plastic. Passersby probably do doubletakes when they see some of the nativity creatures start to move.
That would be the neighborhood cat colony which each year which snuggles into the hay bales for a long winter's nap.
The website says when the Amendolas put out the baby Jesus figure on Christmas Day the cats move in and oust him from his hay-filled manger.
Clearly, even the Jesus doll knows to make room for the lion kings.