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Chat cats with Dr. Rachel Lee

Dr. Rachel Lee, the PSPCA's Medical Director, will join on today at 1pm to chat about your fabulous felines and terrific tomcats.

Dr. Rachel Lee, a native New Yorker, received her BS in Animal Science from Cornell University in 2003 and her DVM from the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island in 2007.  After graduation, she spent a year in private practice in Annapolis, Maryland.  Her true passion, however, has always been working for underserved populations.

It was this love that brought her to The Pennsylvania SPCA in July 2008.  Since then, Dr. Lee has worked numerous animal fighting and puppy mill cases as a member of the Animal Cruelty Investigations department.  In October 2008, she took on the role of Director of Shelter Medicine and oversees the health of thousands of animals left in the PSPCA's care after seizure by humane society police officers or surrendered by their owners.  In March 2009, she became Medical Director at the Animal Care and Control facility and has extended her oversight to the more than 30,000 homeless or unwanted animals in Philadelphia.  In addition, Dr. Lee continues to see exotic pet patients including small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Dr. Lee shares her apartment with two Manx cats, Sebastian and Viola, two small parrots, Buddha and Blue, and a foster puppy named Zephyr.