It turns out three women weren't the only ones imprisoned in a Cleveland man's house.
Authorities removed three dogs from Ariel Castro's possession after he was arrested, reports WOIO-TV.
The city dog warden said police found a Chihuahua in Castro's car when he was arrested and two other dogs,  terrier-poodle mixes were found in the house.
But it appears the dogs may have been treated better than the women who were locked up inside and who say they suffered repeatedly beatings and sexual assaults for a decade or more.
Neighbors report that Castro was seen playing with his dogs in the yard.
The dogs had dirty, matted coats but were otherwise in decent health, officials told WOIO.
Staff at shelters housing the dogs say the dogs do not exhibit the fearful feral dog syndrome seen in so many puppy mill survivors, but appeared to have been at least somewhat socialized.
"The animals aren't very shy, so that's usually a sign that they've been cared for at least in some way," said Cleveland dog warden John Baird.
Baird said the FBI asked him to hold the dogs to see if any of the women whom Castro imprisoned would like to keep one as a pet. Otherwise, the dogs will be adopted out.
 (Photo: WOIO-TV)