What would Michael Vick's arrival in the City of Murals be without an artist expressing their feelings on the side of a building?

This mural - showing Vick choking a pit bull - turned up on the side of a shop called "Tires 'R' Us" in Philadelphia's Kensington section. This photo was taken and uploaded to Flickr by k.vonponyfeather and finder's credits go to ohmidog, a Baltimore blogger with a deep Philly connection.

Word on Flickr today was that the mural has disappeared, but we haven't confirmed that.

In a piece published in this newspaper yesterday, commentator Francis Battista, cofounder of Best Friends Animal Society, questions the sincerity of the Eagles new quarterback and asks "What about Vick's victims?" Battista has a stake in the issue. His animal rescue took in and has cared for 22 dogs from Bad Newz Kennels who made it out alive. The rescue has seen many of the traumatized dogs begin to trust again. Battista writes that he'd like to be as convinced that Vick has seen the light.