A Lehigh County dog breeder and American Kennel Club judge was cited by the state for operating a kennel without a license.

Dog wardens, acting on an anonymous tip, found 69 dogs and puppies on the Coopersburg property of attorney M. J. Cohen on Monday. Records show Cohen also sold 37 puppies since January.

State law requires anyone keeping or transferring more than 25 dogs in a year to have a kennel license.

"Evading the law only creates more problems for people when they are caught," said Jessie Smith, special deputy secretary for the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement. "The law applies to everyone, regardless of their intention. It is best for those wishing to operate a kennel in Pennsylvania to apply for the appropriate license and continue to stay in compliance."

They also cited him for not possessing individual licenses. Cohen was unable to provide wardens with proof of rabies vaccinations.

"He told wardens they were with his veterinarian and they will follow up," said Department of Agriculture spokesman Justin Fleming.

Cohen was issued a cease and desist order under the new Dog Law statute prohibiting him from euthanizing, buying or selling any dogs.

Smith said additional charges may be filed related to the conditions at Cohen's kennel.

"While the conditions were not terrible, there were questions about inadequate cage size that are being reviewed," said Fleming.

Cohen breeds Great Danes at his Thor-Kourt Kennel and has been judging show dogs for at least 12 years.