The ferocious tornado that destroyed much of Moore, OK yesterday and killed at least 24 people (a blessedly lower figure than reported overnight), claimed four-legged victims too.
As one woman stood in front of the rubble that was once her home, she tearfully told a TV news reporter that they lost everything and that their pets were inside.
Orr's Family Farm,a popular horse farm and tourist attraction in the epicenter of the tornado reports losing between 75 and 100 horses.
But amid the chaos and heartbreak, there are heartwarming reunion stories. Officials say microchips are proving critical to getting animals back to their owners. (Get your pets chipped folks.)
From all corners of the country offers of help are streaming in from animal welfare groups and individuals willing to bring supplies and house stray pets.
This Examiner story is full of links to Facebook pages and other social media links to help reunite pets with their people and care for those that have been displaced. Also this storify page has lots of info, including how to donate to an Oklahoma City pet pantry.

Then there was this spectacular moment of joy captured on camera:

An elderly woman's prayers were answered yesterday when her little Scottie appeared from the wreckage of her house while she was being interviewed on camera.
If you watch this and don't feel tears well up, well, you must not be alive.