A reporter with a Kentucky TV station went undercover to get a rare view at the inside of one of the country's largest dog auctions. Part one of the WHAS-TV series looks at the activity inside the dilapidated auction house in Holmes County, Ohio, and what happened when the reporter attempted to question the Farmerstown auction owner about his business.

This is the same dog auction where Bill Smith of Chester Springs, PA-based Main Line Animal Rescue and the Pennsylvania SPCA, accompanied by a veterinarian, bought 12 dogs last October that were being sold by Pennsylvania breeders. Veterinary exams showed the dogs were suffering from an array of ailments, including severe dental and skin diseases.

In part two of the TV series, the reporter and a local rescue group purchase nine dogs that had already been cleared by a USDA veterinarian at the sale and, presumably, by another vet before arriving at the auction. Hear what the WHAS vet has to say during his examination.