Ammon Bundy and company are 25 days into their standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, and it appears some of the militants behnd the occupation are getting a little stir-crazy.

Enough to challenge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to a few rounds of sumo wrestling via a YouTube video, anyway. The prize? The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, of course.

"I'm talking about 10 bouts," Christie's challenger, occupier Kelly Gneiting, says in the video. "Now, you win one out of those 10, all these good, Constitutional folks will disperse."

"Little Christie and his big brother, Kelly, wearing diapers and slapping bellies," he later adds.

Gneiting, who appears in the video dressed in a sumo loincloth, also refers to Christie as his "little brother" while recalling what he says are some of the pair's apparent childhood antics. With Christie as the punching bag.

"Hey, remember all those times I'd throw you in the sleeping bag and roll you down the stairs?," Gneiting asks. "Good times."

Should he accept the challenge, Christie may actually have his work cut out for him. As Oregon Live points out, Gneiting's sumo challenge isn't as random as it seems: The guy is actually a champion sumo wrestler, which also examples the sumo ring depicted in the video.

If Christie takes a loss here, however, at least his punishment will be familiar.

"If I win all 10, I get to roll you down the stairs in that sleeping bag again," Gneiting says. "Woo, little Christie!"

Your move, Gov. Christie. Oregon needs you.