Yes, yes, we're all very excited about the Eagles' 2-0 start, even though the less than impressive first halves of both victories have featured a mass exodus of bandwagon passengers hurling themselves from the ride.

Nevertheless, the Birds are right where they were expected to be: perched atop the NFC East, and people are ready to celebrate. One fan celebrated the Eagles' dominance by hacking into the Twitter account of Giants punter Steve Weatherford and wreaking some good old 21st century cyber-havoc.

Sadly, in his excitement to take Weatherford's account out for a spin, the Eagles fan could barely summon the words needed to form a coherent sentence.

Weatherford said on Twitter later that yes, he had been hacked and would be changing his password.

Some Giants fans heaped praise on him, claiming they'd "never doubted" it had been Weatherford; an assumption that would have been impossibly asinine, given the very obvious nature of the hack.

One grown up high school bully from an '80s movie summed the affair up thusly: "hackers what a bunch of dorks."