People who scapegoat Eagles safety Nate Allen aren't being fair to the Eagles' safety, defensive coordinator Bill Davis said Tuesday.

Davis said he is "absolutely confident in Nate Allen. No question."

"I watch every play Nate has. Nate had a very good game. He had one bad play," Davis said, two days after bracket coverage by corner Cary Williams and Allen gave up a 75-yard game-winning touchdown to Arizona Cardinals rookie wideout John Brown with a minute and 21 seconds remaining. "(Allen) wasn't the only one" who erred, Davis said. "The pass rush wasn't what it was supposed to be, and the quarterback had the step-up lane. Cary could have gotten higher quicker for the insurance, for if you (Allen) do take the wrong step --- he took one false step and got beat big.

"What we talk about in the defensive room is, 'Yeah, Nate took a bad step. And Nate had a bad play, And Cary could have had a better play.' And our pass rush was --- the same mistake in our pass rush, and nobody's blaming them. The same mistake in the underneath coverage, where we might be in the wrong leverage, you overcome it, it's not a touchdown. When a safety or a corner makes that same minor mistake, it's a major mistake, because it ends up in points.

"We could all have played that better. The Philadelphia Eagles' defense got beat on that play, not Nate."

Davis noted that earlier in the game, Allen stripped the ball from Andre Ellington, then recovered the fumble, among other strong plays.

"There was a play that we had mass confusion underneath and there was a huge argument going on. Nate came out of the post and solved the problem, and we got off the field with an incompletion," Davis said. "Over and over again, Nate was in the right spot, the right leverage, making plays, and at the end of the game, he had one play. The spotlight's on you. That's part of being in the secondary. But Nate's got thick skin and we as a defense, collectively (could have done better.)"

Allen and corner Brandon Boykin, who have apparently minor hamstring tweaks, sat out Tuesday's light workout.

Allen said afterward he is taking it day-by-day. Boykin said he tweaked his hammy twice Sunday, after originally injuring it at the 49ers a month earlier. "I really can't say right now," about playing Sunday at Houston, he said.

Running back Darren Sproles (knee) and right guard Todd Herremans (bicep/elbow) practiced. Sproles said he was close to playing at Arizona and is encouraged he got through the entire Tuesday practice. He said he wants to get in a real practice with pads Wednesday, but seems optimistic about playing in Houston.

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