In a follow-up to my report Saturday, state police say 18 citations were issued for underage drinking early Saturday at Grey Social (132 Chestnut St.).

In addition, one person was cited for public drunkenness, 13 unsupervised minors were cited for being on the premises, and 5 fake IDs were found. Criminal charges are also pending, said Sgt. William LaTorre from the State Police's Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement.

LaTorre said the state police, city police, and city Department of Licenses & Inspections chose to investigate after a series of assaults over the weekend of Jan. 21-22. The underage suspect in one aggravated assault had been drinking at Grey, LaTorre said.

Undercover investigators told LaTorre that IDs were being given only a once-over and were not, according to code, being scanned. He said some egregiously poor IDs were found. In one, the race of the suspect did not match up to the person in the ID photos.

Also, La Torre said, a DJ was present with amplified music, which violates terms of Grey's liquor license.

That night, state police also busted two "speakeasies" at the so-called Vine Street Lounge at 1211 Vine St., LaTorre said.