But with a few exceptions, I find the cars quite up to the task.

My readership probably skews older, but, still, I think the carmakers continue to have an image problem to overcome.

The Azera ought to help with that.

I'd be happier with basic, round vents that twist, turn, and aim in almost any direction.

I happened to hop in my own up-till-now adequate minivan immediately after parking the Azera, and suddenly I found the old Mazda's seats wanting. Short. Lacking adjustment. The Azera's are that good.

The shifter worked smoothly and gave a feeling of control. Power didn't excite me, as expected, but the car gets on the highway and up hills just fine.

A cellphone holder in front of the shifter is tucked behind a door. Like most center-console CD bins, the Azera's features a removable upper auxiliary tray. Usually this does not fit over CDs, but the Azera's bin is one of the few that allows both a stash of CDs and the tray to ride inside.

Trunk room was ginormous. And the seat folds down to make it even ginormouser.