Crime Redefined

Hate, love, acceptance, discrimination

Not a fairy tale, occurring across our nation.

The media tells that crime is limited only to the physical

Sometimes the worst offense committed can be the invisible.

Constant humiliation from family to peers

The judging and ridiculing will haunt some for years.

Do you think about all the ways you can act?

You can stop the cruel or turn your back

Different choices; the decision is yours

There is a limit of obscenities one can endure.

Racism and tolerance are two quite different things

Uniting our society won't come from far away kings.

People long for a sense of popularity

The process of which can disturb all morality.

Judging and spreading stereotypes aren't all that different

Both seemingly petty, yet destructive and consistent.

People think not of themselves as obscene

It isn't in their agenda, but slips into daily routine.

If everyone would just change their offensive ways

The entire world would be in for more prosperous days.

Further corrupting the society gives some a sense of superiority

But to mend and to strengthen should be our first priority.