Two North Philadelphia brothers accused of shooting and seriously wounding an 11-year-old bystander to avenge a street fight have been acquitted of all charges.

A Common Pleas Court jury deliberated for about 21/2 hours Monday before acquitting Marcellus Temple, 27, and Jalaal Spady, 18, of aggravated assault, attempted murder, and two gun counts in the April 6, 2014, shooting that wounded Kashie Crawford.

For Spady, Monday was the first time he had been out of jail since he was charged at age 16, defense attorney Leon D. Goodman said.

Goodman said Spady had been held on $1 million bail as a "danger to the community" because of his background appearance in a locally produced rap video called "Ding Dong Dixie" that had a theme of violence.

"He told me he wants to go to college and become an attorney," Goodman said.

At the time of the shooting, police said Spady had lost a fistfight at Gratz and Oxford Streets. He returned later that day with Temple. Police said both were armed and shot at the purported winner of the fight.

One of the shots struck Kashie, who was practicing basketball nearby and had nothing to do with the dispute. The boy was hospitalized for weeks.

According to Temple's attorney, Robert "Pat" Link, the credibility of the prosecution's main witness and the alleged target of the shooting, Johnny Jenkins, 25, was undercut by his criminal record, and discrepancies between his testimony and a security camera video of the shooting.

Assistant District Attorney Tanner Rouse said he was "very disappointed" with the verdict.

Editor's Note: This story was revised to correct the name of a rap video mentioned in the article. It is "Ding Dong Dixie," not "War Ready."