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Let’s talk about Pennsylvania’s unvaccinated kids | Morning Newsletter

And, career changes for a career educator.

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Good morning.

What do we do about Pennsylvania’s unvaccinated kids? And in big education news, William R. Hite Jr. is expected to announce that this will be his last school year in Philadelphia as superintendent. And, there could be severe thunderstorms tonight. OK, let’s get into it.

— Ashley Hoffman (@_AshleyHoffman,

Kids could be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in a matter of weeks. And as the coronavirus continues to bear down on the region, the unvaccinated are far more likely to become sick. In just the first three weeks of September, 23,000 children in Pennsylvania contracted the virus.

In response, some schools are closing, parents are concerned, and it all heightens the urgency around authorization at a time when kids younger than 12 are still ineligible to get shots.

Vaccinated kids could bring more hope to the pandemic outlook picture for everybody. But it all hangs on how many parents decide to immunize their children — something that remains a question mark, despite all the pediatricians endorsing the vaccine.

Keep reading to get the whole story from reporters Erin McCarthy and Justine McDaniel on the situation with Pennsylvania’s unvaccinated kids.

William R. Hite Jr. is said to be leaving his post as Philadelphia School District superintendent after nearly a decade.

Hite, according to multiple sources with firsthand knowledge of the situation, will remain leader of the Philadelphia School District through June, but not seek a new contract.

Mayor Jim Kenney, a staunch supporter of Hite’s, is expected to be on deck for an announcement now planned for Thursday.

Hite was hired in June 2012, and shepherded the district through the end of a 17-year state takeover and the shift to locally controlled schools. He’s racked up praise for his financial stewardship and professionalism. Keep reading to get the whole story on Hite from reporter Kristen Graham.

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