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Penn report condemns mishandling of MOVE remains | Morning Newsletter

And a former Inquirer photojournalist reflects on his 2003 Afghanistan photos.

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Good morning, and welcome to The Inquirer Morning Newsletter. It’s Thursday, Aug. 26. Today, we take a look at Penn’s report on the mishandling of MOVE remains, a former Inquirer photojournalist’s reflection on his 2003 photos from Afghanistan, and Philly’s slowing rebound from the pandemic.

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The University of Pennsylvania released a 217-page report Wednesday condemning the behavior of two Penn anthropologists on how they handled the remains of a child killed in the 1985 MOVE bombing, in which six adult MOVE members and five children died when police dropped a bomb on their fortified rowhouse.

The exhaustive report chastised retired professor Alan Mann for failing to find a way to return to the MOVE family the remains he was given by the Philadelphia medical examiner. The city gave Mann the bones to see if he could verify them as the remains of 14-year-old Katricia Dotson Africa, but he was unsuccessful.

The report also sharply criticized Janet Monge, a curator at the Penn Museum, for using the bones as a teaching aid, particularly in a video class.

But the review also concluded that neither Mann nor Monge violated any “professional, ethical or legal standards, but critics question why that is.

Reporters Craig R. McCoy and Oona Goodin-Smith have the full story.

Earlier this month, former Inquirer photojournalist David Swanson was documenting wildfires in California. That experience ⏤ the smell of diesel fuel, the sound of generators ⏤ gave him flashbacks to his time in Afghanistan almost two decades ago.

Swanson traveled to the country three times in 2003, documenting the United States’ attempts to rebuild following its invasion after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

In this photo essay, Swanson reflects on his photojournalism of the war-torn country, which in 2003 was “one of the most, if not the, bleakest places I’ve ever been.”

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