Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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The MOVE bombing

Police dropped a bomb on a West Philly house in 1985. The fire caused by the explosion killed 11 people, an atrocity that Philadelphia still grapples with today.

Looking back

Before the bombing

Osage Avenue neighbors describe their life with Move leading up to the bombing and destruction of their homes.

The Confrontation

In this video retired Philadelphia police officer James Berghaier and MOVE member Ramona Africa describe the fatal confrontation between police and MOVE.

The Aftermath

In this video, Osage Avenue neighbors describe the aftermath of the destruction of their homes in 1985.

The 'B' in Black
Many archival Inquirer articles featured here do not capitalize the "b" in Black, which diverges from current Inquirer standards. We capitalize Black to reflect a shared identity and community rather than a skin color alone, a rule added to our stylebook in 2020.
At the time, Inquirer columnist Jenice Armstrong outlined the decades of advocacy by Black journalists that preceded this shift and said newspapers took too long to adopt the change.