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Philly makes its World Cup case | Morning Newsletter

And, why were so many people complaining about the 2021 Shore season?

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Good morning, good people. You’re reading The Inquirer Morning Newsletter, catching you up on all the news that’s fit to email. Today we dive into Philly’s 2026 FIFA World Cup bid, explore why people were complaining about an otherwise pleasant 2021 Shore season, and look at a local YouTuber who the Feds say built one of the most brazen and successful digital piracy schemes in recent memory.

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Well, no one can say that Philly didn’t try.

As FIFA judges made their way from a Center City hotel to Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia on Wednesday, electronic billboards cheered them on with positive messages.

Upon entering the Sports Complex, the judges passed encouraging banners hanging from Citizens Bank Park, a show of solidarity from the Phillies brass. And upon arrival at the Linc, the judges were greeted with a pep rally of boisterous, soccer-loving Philadelphia fans, hooting and hollering.

All done in hopes of hosting the 2026 men’s World Cup.

“It was obvious that — I think in maybe typical Philadelphia fashion — it was very clear that you want it,” said FIFA Vice President Victor Montagliani.

But can we get it?

Reporter Jonathan Tannenwald has all the details.

The 2021 Shore season, by all indications, seemed pleasant.

The weather was mostly sunny, and coronavirus seemed relatively muted. Masks were off, restaurants and stores were fully open.

People were on vacation again. Shore towns were thriving.

But still, so many complaints.

They complained on Facebook. And they complained in real life.

“My one store didn’t have air-conditioning. I get it, it’s hot in that store. People would complain to me. I’d say, I’m sorry, we don’t have air-conditioning,” says Ariana Hellein, an Ocean City store owner. “And they would complain, why isn’t there a breeze?”

So what crawled up so many people’s bathing suits?

Reporter Amy Rosenberg has the full story.

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Be safe out there. Storms are expected Thursday into Friday, and there’s a slight chance of “isolated tornadoes.”