Funny what a Super Bowl win can do to a fanbase’s magnanimity.

Andy Reid is headed back to the Super Bowl thanks to the Chiefs 35-24 win over the Titans in Sunday’s AFC championship game. I must admit, I expected the reaction among Eagles fans to be more mixed, considering how despised Reid was at the end of his 14-year tenure as the Birds’ head coach.

Instead, it seems most Eagles fans and sports talkers have heeded the call of my colleague Mike Sielski, who wrote that everyone who once rooted for Reid in Philadelphia should give him his due now that he’s returning to the Super Bowl wearing Chiefs’ red:

If you’re still hoping Reid and his team fall on their faces in two weeks, you’re so tribal and blinkered in your allegiance to the Eagles and so attuned to his coaching shortcomings and imperfections that you can’t see him for what he is: arguably the best coach in team history, certainly the architect of the longest stretch of success in team history, and a first-ballot, slam-dunk, don’t-think-twice-about-it inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Obviously, the Eagles winning a Super Bowl have helped mend the wounds between Reid and the city of brotherly love. Or maybe it was Chip Kelly, who quickly reminded Eagles fans there are worse things than a future Hall of Fame coach who happened to put up a few subpar seasons.

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