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Sixers fire back at GOP presidential candidate John Kasich

MANCHESTER, N.H. - The 76ers fired back at Republican presidential candidate John Kasich moments after he made light of their talent level Friday morning.

Kasich, Ohio's governor, told a small town hall here in Manchester than he saw the Sixers at his hotel Friday morning.

"How did I know who they were?" he asked. "They were really tall, okay."

The town hall meeting was for a business-focused crowd, and Kasich spoke of the importance of having job skills. Then he poked fun at the Sixers basketball skill.

"The reason why some of them make a lot of money is because they have skills," he said of the team that lost 127 games the past two seasons. "Not too many Sixers have had that many skills lately, but they do."

The Sixers responded on Twitter: "At least we win more than 2% of the time." They later deleted the tweet, but Kasich clearly didn't mind the jab. He responded with a bit of humor of his own:

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