Here at Eagletarian, we devote our time to discussing the finer points of the Eagles and football, with a mix of references to music and pop culture, of course.

Unfortunately, every now and again, serious issues from the real world intervene.

A report out of Cordova, Md., indicates that some football fans took the game too far. Two men are being held without bond for a shooting steeming from an argument about the Eagles-Dallas game.

According to the Star Democrat, of Easton, Md., Damian Joseph Alexander, 28, and Shane Austin Ratliff, 19, face two counts each of attempted first- and second-degree murder, four counts each of reckless endangerment and first- and second-degree assault and one count each of malicious destruction of property more than $500. Ratliff also faces five counts of accessory after the fact.

Witnesses told police Alexander shot at least five rounds from a shotgun at four people in a sport utility vehicle, the newspaper says. Twenty-six shotgun pellets hit two of the occupants, including 22 hitting the neck, head and back of one. Both suffered minor injuries. The other two passengers were uninjured.

Prior to the shooting, a woman had text-messaged Alexander about the game. He called back and got into an argument with her and another man. The man then drove to Alexander's house and the guns became involved.

The specifics of the argument were unclear.