Christmas Eve inarguably has some type of magic to it. Sure, there's the twinkling lights, excited children and promises of presents to be opened. But my money is on the elevated number of marriage proposals.

December 24 brings more marriage proposals than any other day of year, according to a study of 7,000 people in the UK. Beating out Valentine's Day by a hair, Christmas Eve's title as Annual Proposal Day is most easily explained by two factors: convenience and romance. Or, in other words: Well, the whole family's around, might as well get married.

Oddly enough, though, most women surveyed said they preferred a Valentine's Day proposal to one on Christmas Eve, which landed just ahead of getting down on one knee on your anniversary as the preferred marriage method.

Additionally, roughly 15 percent of those women preferred that their partner propose to them using some type of technology, be it social media or over the phone. So when you're getting ready to propose tonight, remember you can take the pressure of yourself with a quick phone call that will decide the remainder of your romantic life. And you won't even have to kneel.

My advice, though, is to go with Boxing Day as your proposal date, which garnered just 4 percent of votes. There's just something romantic about breaking from tradition.