The George Zimmerman boxing match that captured the attention of the nation is back on, according to local celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman.

But Feldman will no longer be a part of it, as he announced at a press conference this afternoon. Rapper DMX who was set to fight Zimmerman seems like he's no longer involved either.

Instead, European media mogul and soda bottling heir Alkiviades "Alki" David will broadcast the fight from an undisclosed location. David was scheduled to broadcast the fight even before Feldman backed out. The duo worked together before, including offering Chris Brown $10 million to take on Drake in the ring.

"[David] is a real wild guy, we just hit it off. He can benefit off this, I can't," Fledman. "It doesn't matter to him, he's all about TV ratings, while I'm about the next fight."

Feldman said he backed out for moral reasons, admitting that he knew little about Zimmerman's fatal shot that killed teenager Trayvon Martin. "When I learned everything, it was so bad. I only heard the verdict," Feldman told me. "It was better to move on."

Feldman was grateful for his supporters, including Floyd Mayweather Sr., who was slated to referee the fight, and WIP morning host Angelo Cataldi.

David told TMZ that the fight will no longer be a celeb boxing match, but something more brutal. "This is going to be like 'Fight Club' . . . a very bloody event," David told TMZ. Yeesh.

Feldman, on the other hand, will focus on his next venture: wroxing, a mix of wrestling an boxing. The first event will take place on April 12 between ECW wrestler Sandman and boxer Tim Weatherspoon, as well as a ladies' match between Raven from Lou Turk's in Essington and Princess Sammy from Scores.