Katy Perry's teaser for her new music video 'Birthday' is generating a lot of buzz. That's because the 'I Kissed a Girl' singer is nowhere to be found in the clip. Instead, she plays a slew of characters from a male Jewish bar mitzvah host to an alcoholic birthday clown.

Perry is known for her playful, imaginative songs and videos but 'Birthday' just might (wait for it…) take the cake.

Funny as it may be, Perry is in a bit of hot water for a joke she told during the clip while disguised as Yosef Shulem, the bar mitzvah emcee. The joke involved a rabbi and circumcision and was exacerbated by Perry's already over-the-top, stereotypical portrayal of a Jewish man.

Still, "Yosef Shulem" is just one of the five outrageous characters Perry will become when the full video for 'Birthday' is released on April 24.

Playing dress-up isn't the only thing that has Perry laughing this week. On Monday she joked about her love-life on Jimmy Kimmel Live! confirming her recent split from singer John Mayer.

Watch the mighty-morphing pop singer in her 'Birthday' teaser below.