Early next year, you might see Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart around Philadelphia.

Cranston and Hart will star in The Untouchables. The Greater Philadelphia Film Office says it will begin filming in Philly sometime in early 2017.

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The Untouchables will be directed by Neil Burger, who previously helmed Limitless, the Bradley Cooper sleeper hit shot in part in Philadelphia in 2010.

The Untouchables is not a remake of Brian de Palma's excellent Elliot Ness-Al Capone drama, but an adaptation of the popular 2011 French comedy The Intouchables. The film follows an aristocrat who hires a caregiver with a record after becoming a paraplegic as a result of a paragliding accident.

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Cranston and Hart first joined the project in late March this year, according to Deadline.

Hart and Cranston's most recent films both have Philadelphia connections. Hart's What Now? was shot at Lincoln Financial Field, while Cranston's The Infiltrator was directed by Lafayette Hill's Brad Furman, and written by Furman's mother, Ellen Brown Furman.