Resonating Surfaces -- A Trilogy, from the Brussels-based artist and filmmaker Manon de Boer, is still ongoing -- and still fascinating -- running  through February 10 at the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Julien Levy Gallery, in the Perelman building. Presented on a rotating weekly schedule, the films are:

Sylvia Kristel -- Paris (2003), a Super-8 study of the '70s softcore porn star, reflecting on her career and her personal life. (Kristel died in October, age 60.)

Resonating Surfaces (2005), shot in 16mm and focusing on Suely Rolnik, the Brazilian cultural critic, curator and psychoanalyst, investigates her sense memory connections to hometown São Paulo, and her relationship with her adopted city, Paris. There, in the '70s, she fell in with a crowd that included Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, founders of Schizoanalysis, the philosophical/psychoanalytical concept focusing on the role of social behavior in understanding personality. Ontological heterogeneity, anyone?

Think About Wood, Think About Metal (2011), de Boer's most recent piece, offers a music-driven portrait of avant garde percussionist Robyn Schulkowsky, who incorporates found objects into her work and who has collaborated with the likes of Cage, Stockhausen and Zorn.

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