It was one of the more emotional moments of the evening.

Edie Falco, clad in a brilliant blue gown, took to the stage to remember the late James Gandolfini, who passed away unexpectedly in June.

"You all knew James Gandolfini the actor, said Falco, with tears welling in her eyes. "I was lucky enough to know Jim the man," she added of her "Sopranos" co-star.

Moments before, Falco touched on Gandolfini's "tremendous warmth and heart," adding that the late actor was "kind" and "uniquely generous."

"One got the feeling that Jim was never entirely comfortable with all of the attention he got, usually because he said it every chance he got," she shared.

"He was far more interested in turning the light onto people who he considered more worthy. When he was interviewing Iraqi War veterans for a project that was very close to his heart, he did so with such genuine interest, respect and humility."

With tears streaming down her face, Falco concluded, "For ten years as his close colleague and his pretend life partner, and for many more years as his friend, and it's Jim, the man- the very dear man- I will miss most of all."

Watch below.